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Excerpts from the diary of Sr. Maria Natalia of Hungary (1901-1992)
Translated by Stephen A. Foglein
by Two Hearts Books & Publishers, 1992

pp. 46-47

What is Jesus’ opinion about our deeds?

I (Sr. Maria Natalia) asked Jesus what I should do to please Him.  He answered:

“It does not matter what you do, whether you sit or lie down.  You can do anything, even exercise.  The only thing that matters is that you should be always beside Me and love Me!!!  You should never step out of Me.  Tell Me everything, even your thoughts.  Do not stop talking to Me.  The only thing I ask you to watch: not to hurt Me.  I’ll do the rest for you; even the material and spiritual welfare of your family.  If you love Me, you do not have to ask for anything.  You have only one task: to love Me!  I should like you to understand this eventually.

Everything else will be provided for you, my poor, precious child.”

pp. 93-104


The crown of Sr. Natalia’s mysticism for which God has selected her is to reveal to the world the new title under which Jesus wants His Immaculate Mother to be venerated and that is: THE VICTORIOUS QUEEN OF THE WORLD.  It is the definite request of the Lord Jesus that His Immaculate Mother – as He always calls her – be venerated and loved under this new title.  Jesus has put into the hands of His Immaculate Mother the power to save the world and the victory over evil at this time.  In order to be able to free the world from evil, she needed the power of a Queen.  She was crowned Queen by the whole Trinity and got the necessary power from Them.

This title of Our Heavenly Mother is not foreign to the mind of the Church.  For centuries we have prayed daily in the Rosary the Glorious Mystery of the Coronation.  God does not give empty titles, His words are full of power.  Mary was venerated since the earliest times as Queen by the saints and the people as well.  This title was recognized by Pope Pius XII in 1954 and May 31st was designated to honor Mary as Queen of the World, mostly based on the messages that Sr. Natalia received. 


pp. 97-99

The Trinity and the Virgin Mary

On a First Saturday, the Lord gave me a new grace.  He showed me with great joy a priestly soul, who worked on spreading the devotion to the Victorious Queen of the World.  The sincerity and great fervor of this priest was so pleasing to Jesus that He united Himself with that priest.  Jesus said to the angels of heaven with love and joy:  “Come to see what I am willing to do if a soul asks Me.”

Then the Blessed Virgin appeared, as the Queen of the World.  She seemed very young, almost a child.  On her head gleamed a royal crown, her feet were covered with shining clouds.  I saw her as she blessed the world.  The world was surrounded by a crown of thorns on which stood on lily.  [One of the Church’s titles for Mary is: Lily of the Thorns.]  On the right hand of the Holy Virgin stood Jesus, on her left hand I saw the Father, above them hovered the Holy Spirit.  A wonderful light radiated on the Blessed Virgin from the Trinity.  Mary’s outstretched arms extended over the earth, as if protecting it; the left arm of the Son, and the right arm of the Father were extended over the clasped protective hands of Mary, extending their protection to her.  The Holy Trinity blessed the world through the hands of Mary.  At the moment of this blessing, as if radiating from Mary’s palm, “P A X”, the Latin word for peace appeared in gleaming letters.

But it did not reach the world; it flew toward the right hand of Jesus on a curve and stayed there, hovering.  From that I understood that the Holy Virgin is the one who is to prepare everything so that the promised peace could finally come.  When she completes her task, she will give everything to Jesus.  In turn, Jesus gives peace to the world only when “His hour will arrive.”  This is the secret of the last time, the secret of the happiest ear, which is coming.


The song of the angels

While the Holy Virgin gave her blessing to the world, I heard the song of the angels and saints:

“Glory be to the Father,

Glory be to the Son,

Glory be to the Holy Spirit, through the Holy Virgin, the Victorious Queen of the World, now and forever.  Amen.  Alleluia!”

I learned that this song is a wonderfully powerful prayer, if the soul sings it ceaselessly and inwardly with sincerity and with total abandonment.  Jesus also let me know that He will flood with special graces those souls who work tirelessly to spread devotion to the Victorious Queen of the World.


“Repent and make reparation!”

A little while later I again saw the Holy Virgin together with the Trinity.  Mary was wearing a royal garment.  Under her feet was the world, as a globe.  Her stature was majestic.  She radiated deep humility and yet she was royally majestic.  The features of her face were tender and infinitely lovely, but at the same time marvelously serious.  She wore a snow-white dress, with a blue sash around her waist; over the dress was a scarlet mantle that was held together with a shining gold buckle; from the mantle fluttered a transparent turquoise blue veil.  The shining gold buckle – as I learned – represented her special relation to the Trinity.  Mary’s chestnut-brown hair was parted in the middle and also was covered with a transparent veil.  On her head was a tiara.  This crown was different from the one she had worn previously; it narrowed toward the top, but it did not resemble the tiara of the Popes.  In her left hand was a scepter, and she lifted her right hand for blessing.  Graces flowed from her blessing hand as a light that brightened the whole world, especially Hungary, but it flew particularly on the now suffering and persecuted Church that will eventually be victorious.  Under her right foot I saw the head of the serpent crushed.  The body of the serpent curled around the world in total defeat.  The joy of the Blessed Virgin radiated as light toward the Holy Trinity, which appeared faintly high above.  From the converted world the light of graces radiated back to the Blessed Virgin.  Then the Blessed Virgin turned toward me with maternal love and slowly said the following:

Make reparation!  Make reparation!  Make reparation! Because only this way will you be worthy of graces!”

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