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Some brief excerpts from the spiritual diary 
of Sr. Natalia of Hungary

– The diary of Sr. Maria Natalia of Hungary (1901-1992)
Translated by Stephen A. Foglein  

What is Jesus’ opinion about our deeds?

(1) I (Sr. Natalia) asked Jesus what I should do to please Him.  He answered:  “It does not matter what you do, whether you sit or lie down.  You can do anything, even exercise.  The only thing that matters is that you should be always beside Me and love Me!!!  You should never step out of Me.  Tell Me everything, even your thoughts.  Do not stop talking to Me.  The only thing I ask you to watch:  not to hurt Me.  I’ll do the rest for you; even the material and spiritual welfare of your family.  If you love Me, you do not have to ask for anything.  You have only one task: to love Me!  I should like you to understand this eventually.  Everything else will be provided for you, my poor, precious child.”

(2) Jesus spoke to me: “My wish and will, that the world recognize my Immaculate Mother as Queen of the World – this message should reach my priests.  My Heart cannot rest till my Immaculate Mother has openly ascended the throne of the world as the Queen of the World.”

(3) The Savior glanced at the world, and then turned to me saying: “Tell My priests to proclaim everywhere: If mankind won’t convert and repent, the anger of My Father cannot be averted any more.  I wish to tell the Church through you that a terrible punishment will be inflicted on three quarters of the world because of the sins of the souls.”

Then the Blessed Virgin turned toward me with maternal love and slowly said the following:  “Make reparation!  Make reparation!  Make reparation!  Because only this way will you be worthy of graces!”

─ Prepared by Mary’s Touch By Mail

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