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Our Lord's Messages in Naju:

"In this world which is being covered with errors and darkness, stay close to the Bible, which contains the Sacred Truths, lead a life according to the Gospels, and put into practice the words of My Mother who has been appearing and imploring with tears at many places in the world in this urgent time. Tell everyone that accepting My Motherís words is the same as accepting Me and that holding her hands and following her is the shortcut to Me." (May 16, 1991)

"Because My Motherís loving and kind words for the past several centuries have been ignored, sin has reached a saturation point, even in the Church." (September 22, 1995)

"As I first took My Body in the womb of Mary, My Holy Mother, My Heart began beating for you in union with hers. Therefore, love Mary, My Mother, and follow her words. You must know that loving and following her is loving and following Me." (October 19, 1996)

"The world is in such a shocking state. . . the world which will be reduced to ashes. . . this age which will be destroyed by the devilís attacks. . . However, when there are more little souls, My Sacred Heart and My Motherís Immaculate Heart will surely triumph. Do not fear, but make haste to perpetuate the Paschal Mystery of Resurrection. I will help you." (April 12, 1998)

"Remembering that only My Mother can turn God the Fatherís wrath away from you, respond with ĎAmení to My Motherís messages of love which she has been earnestly giving you, personally revealing her presence, love, and friendship with her tears, tears of blood, and fragrant oil." (November 2, 2000)

"Those children who draw close to Me through My Mother, who is the Helper in My Work of Salvation, the Mediatrix, and the Co-Redemptrix, will be counted as good heads of grain at the last judgment and will enjoy eternal happiness at My table in My Kingdom." (November 8, 2001)

"How long must I simply watch all this? I can punish them any time, but am delaying it so that the sinners may repent and enter through the gate of My Sacred Heart." (February 16, 2003)

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