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One could get the impression from the messages and miraculous signs in Naju that they are filled with sorrows, pains, and heavy-heartedness. Our Lordís Sacred Heart is torn apart by humansí sins and their refusal to repent of them, according to the messages that Julia Kim received and the visions that she saw. Pieces of His heart muscles and drops of His Precious Blood actually fell to the ground on the Blessed Motherís Mountain near Naju several times in 2001 and 2002, wetting thousands of little stones and some tree leaves. The Blessed Mother also sheds not only tears but tears mixed with blood because of so many sins in the world. Her immense sorrows flow from the motherly love that she has for all humans and her ardent wish for their salvation.

The purpose of Godís sending us these messages and signs, however, is not to discourage and depress us but to give us the encouragement of real hope. The world gives us false hopes, dulling our sense of sin and enticing us to seek pleasure and joy in this world without regard for God or His Law. Like the Gospel messages, the special revelations in Naju and elsewhere emphasize that we can obtain true happiness only when we overcome the sins and evils in ourselves and in the world. Sin, which is the opposite of love for God and our neighbors and the contrary of fidelity to Godís truth and justice, is the real cause of our unhappiness and eternal misery.

To save us from the bondage of sin, God sent His Only Son as Our Savior and gave us through Him the teachings of His saving truths and the channels of His saving graces through the Church established with the Saviorís infinite merits on the Cross. In the two thousand-year period since then, the Church has grown and matured spectacularly despite so many persecutions and other obstacles, producing thousands of canonized Saints (and countless other saints not formally canonized) who have reached the lofty level of sanctity that Our Lord set for all of us: "Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect" (Matthew 5:48).

The devil, who led our first ancestors to sin, does not sleep, however. Because he does not want humans to attain their goal of becoming faithful children of God and heirs of His Eternal Kingdom, he continues to entice humans with sweet lies and empty promises. Humans are vulnerable and frequently fall victim to his temptations because of their weakened will and darkened intellect as a result of original sin and their actual sins. They easily become preoccupied with the things that can satisfy their vain goals and desires and develop insensitivity to the saving truths and graces that God is making available through His Church. Because of this, thick clouds of errors and moral corruption loom over the whole world and even many members of the Church. Truth, justice, love, and peace in the world are increasingly threatened by the worsening prevalence of evils.

To rescue us from this crisis, God is sending us the Blessed Mother so that she may bring us closer to her Son, Jesus, and that His Kingdom may be established in our souls and lives. Peopleís response so far, however, has been slow and weak, probably because they do not have a clear idea of what the special revelations brought by the Blessed Mother are and how they relate to the teachings of the Church and to their lives as Christians. This publication is a small effort to help our readers gain a clearer understanding of the special revelations and help them become more aware of the critical importance of our faithfulness to the Heritage of the Catholic Faith for our salvation. After all, the Gospel teachings as well as the special revelations are truly the messages of hope, because they not only alert us to our present dangers and problems but also let us know how to overcome them.

Sang M. Lee
August 22, 2004
Feast of the Queenship of Mary

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