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The Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in this photograph is exactly the same as the original Image exhibited in the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City, except the several new images miraculously emerged when this photo was taken at the Grotto (The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother) in Portland, Oregon on August 15, 1991. The photograph and a report were submitted to Archbishop Alexander K. Sample of the Archdiocese of Portland on June 28, 2014, and His Excellency stated:

“This special photograph could inspire greater faith and devotion to the Most Holy Mother of God”.

(To see the Archbishop’s letter, please visit this link.)


EXCERPTS FROM OUR LADY’S MESSAGES received by Mr. Kenneth Staloch (1990 -1992) and submitted, through Fr. Walter Winrich of Maryknoll, to the Cardinals and Bishops in Mexico

 * The special purpose I came to fulfill started over 460 years ago. From formerly worship- ping the serpent-god, millions converted to the Catholic Church instituted by my Divine Son, Jesus Christ and the terrible practice of human sacrifice ended.

 * I will help you stop all abortions.  There will be no exceptions. Together we will bring about a new era of protecting all human life, that is, each person, from conception to natural death.

 * I want millions to see my Image, the Woman Clothed with the Sun.  I will melt their hearts to conversion.  Through my Immaculate Heart, I will lead them to the Sacred Heart of my Son.

The Cardinals and Bishops in Mexico read Our Lady’s messages and donated the first Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the U.S.A.  Juan Jesus Cardinal Posadas Ocampo of Guadalajara said in his prayer written on June 14, 1991:

 The Catholic people of Mexico and I pray to God that the paths of the Journey of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe throughout the United States of America, become rays of Our Lady’s love, care, protection and help for all of her children, particularly the unborn.  

May she convert millions of hearts to the Sacred Heart of her Son Jesus and His holy Church through her Immaculate Heart.”


The following is excerpted from the book: “The Marian Movement of Priests”

Our Lady (on December 31, 1997):

“This century of yours, which is about to end, has been placed under the sign of a strong power conceded to my Adversary.  Thus, humanity has been led astray by the error of theoretical and practical atheism; in the place of God, idols have been built which everyone adores: pleasure, money, amusement, power, pride and impurity.  Truly Satan, with the cup of lust, has succeeded in seducing all the nations of the earth.  He has replaced love with hatred; communion with division; justice with many injustices; peace with continuous war.  In fact this entire century has been spent under the sign of cruel and bloody wars, which have claimed millions of innocent victims.

So then, the Most Holy Trinity has decreed that your century be placed under the sign of my powerful, maternal and extraordinary presence.  Thus, at Fatima I pointed out the way along which humanity must journey for its return to the Lord:  that of conversion, prayer and penanceAnd as a safe refuge, I offered you my Immaculate Heart.”   (cf. Genesis 3:15)


Fr. Walter Winrich of Maryknoll was instrumental in bringing the first Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe from Mexico to the USA.  The Image was first introduced at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC on June 16, 1991.  Soon, the Missionary Image began visiting the parishes, schools, hospitals, and jails in the USA and also visited Russia and China.

On August 1, 1991, the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe arrived at the International Airport in Portland and began to visit the Catholic churches in Oregon.  On the last day in Portland (August 15, the Solemnity of Our Lady’s Assumption), the Image was exhibited in the chapel of the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother in Portland.  The chapel was overfilled with those eager to see the Missionary Image of Our Lady.  After the Mass ended (about noon), many of the faithful surrounded the Image touching the Image of the living Our Lady, praying before her, and taking photographs.  I and my son (10 yr.) also went closer to the Image and I took several photographs of Our Lady of Guadalupe, expecting that we could have the Image of Our Lady in our home.

In the next days and weeks, we had a difficult puzzle of how an image of the Eucharist appeared on Our Lady’s two gathered hands on one of the photos. We searched the inside of the chapel at the Grotto but did not find anything that might become the cause of the Eucharist-like image on Our Lady’s hands.  Over time, we realized that there were more new images in the photograph and had accept that all these images were works of God.  We also thought that God would never make such important images for entertaining people or for any trifling reasons. We believe that God made these new images on the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to let us know that the Baby Jesus is not in Our Lady’s womb any longer but is born in the form of the Holy Eucharist and the time has come for Our Lady to defeat Satan and open a new world reigned by her Son Jesus. 

The new images in the photograph:

1.      The Holy Spirit (Read Catechism #767-768)

2.      The Holy Eucharist on Our Lady’s hands

3.      Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart (See the large Heart in the folds of her mantle)

4.      The Divine Light of God

5.      Our Lady kneeling, weeping and praying for unborn babies

6.      Our Lady is not wearing a veil any longer because she will wear the Queen’s Crown.

Some people smelled heavenly fragrance from the photograph; others who had been harassed by devils every night restored peace (Think about how extremely devils fear the Divine Light); and those in deep despair recovered complete hope.  We can expect Our Lady to bring many graces to us on the days ahead if we do not lose our trust in her and love for her, our true Mother and Queen who protects and leads us to our Lord Jesus.

Our Lady’s Message

“The special purpose I came to fulfill depends so much on your cooperation.  You are a part of my plan.  I knock softly and lovingly at the door of your heart.  Please let me in.”    (April 28, 1992)

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