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Our Letter to Sisters at a Monastery

September 30, 2014

[...] Monastery


Dear Mother and Sisters,

Thank you for your recent letter with kind and encouraging comments about the Special Photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe taken in Portland, Oregon, on August 15, 1991 and positively commented on by the Archdiocese of Portland in his July 3, 2014 letter to us.  We are enclosing more copies of the photograph in case you wish to share them with more Sisters and visitors.  If you can use more copies, please let us know and we will gladly send them to you as gifts.   

On a separate page, we indicate two more little images in the photograph which may also be meaningful.  One is the image of “2” on the Blessed Mother’s hair, which may be a hint that now is the time for Our Lady of Guadalupe to carry out her 2nd mission (after her 1st mission of converting Latin America), which may be to change the entire world (including completely ending abortions) and to cleanse the Church of the Modernist errors and schemes to damage the Church Doctrines and Authority. The people of Latin America have been very familiar with the understanding that Our Lady of Guadalupe is pregnant with the Baby Jesus, which means that Our Lady of Guadalupe will someday give birth to the Child.  Probably, this photograph is informing that the great day of the Birth of the Child of Our Lady of Guadalupe is now.  This time, Jesus comes as the Holy Eucharist which His Mother is holding in (or above) her hands and worshipping.  The Light from the Divine Baby is shining on the entire world to fill all the souls, who are humble and childlike, with God’s Grace.

The 2nd little image is the figure of a serpent’s head just behind the image of the Blessed Mother kneeling and weeping for the aborted babies which is grinning and waiting for the birth of the Baby.  He will not succeed in attacking the Baby and His Mother, but only suffer a fatal blow on himself.

Recently, we heard from some poor Mexican families in Los Angeles that, after they placed this special photograph in their homes, the unpleasant noises (probably caused by devils) that had been bothering them disappeared completely.  As a similar thing had already occurred in Oregon, we are more convinced that the devils are especially fearful of this Image of Our Lady, which is not surprising as this Image is not a product of humans but of God.  We wish this photograph owned by every person in the world.

Thank you so much for your prayers, Sisters.  We also pray for you!

Sincerely yours,  

Benedict Lee  (Website:  www.marys-touch.com)

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