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Some of the main points 
of Our Lady's messages

received by Kenneth Staloch from 1990 to 1992

1.    1. Our Lady of Guadalupe’s mission was not completed in the 16th century but continues in our time.  Our Lady said in her message: Our Lady of Guadalupe’s mission was not completed in the 16th century but continues in our time.  Our Lady said in her message:


If my image on Juan Diego’s tilma was intended to bring only those 8-9 million people to my Son Jesus during the few years following 12 December 1531, why would I sustain the miracle of my image today, 459 years later?” (August 14, 1990)


Now, after 459 years, it is the time for me to begin my journey so all, in the Americas, may see me with their own eyes and know deeply the great love I have for each one of you, my children.  It will have happened to you what had happened to those millions of my children, one by one, so long ago.” (November 10, 1990)


The special purpose I came to fulfill started over 460 years ago.” (April 28, 1992)

You are in great need of my motherly love and protection.  You and your home, the Americas, are being destroyed by pagan practices.  Also, confusion is found even among you who want to lead good lives; even among you who search for me, the Mother of God.  The distractions multiply.  Please return to me, Your Lady of Guadalupe, with your whole heart and the gift of your hands for my work.” (April 28, 1992)


2.    Our Lady declares that she will help us stop all abortions.


I want you to, immediately, place your entire pro-life force and efforts under my banner as Your Lady of Guadalupe.  I will give you my powerful protection and help.  I will lead you to victory over the forces of death which are preying upon babies in the wombs of their mothers.  Together, my dear children, we will end the horrible evil of abortion.  I will help you stop all abortions.  There will be no exceptions.  Together we will bring about a new era of protecting all human life, that is, each person, from conception to natural death.  I will put a stop to the present bloody human sacrifices like I did among the pagans after the miracle of my image began in 1531.” (August 14, 1990)



3.    Our Lady tells us that she will melt our hearts with her Immaculate Heart and bring us to her Son Jesus through her Image. 

I will melt your hearts with my motherly heart filled with love for you.  I want you to give all your prayers, works, joys and sufferings with me, in me, through me and for me so that I may lead you safely to my Son Jesus.”  (August 14, 1990)

My image is a continuing invitation to give yourselves to me so I may do with you what I have planned in bringing my children of all the Americas and the whole world to my Son Jesus through my Immaculate Heart.”  (August 14, 1990)

I want millions to see my image, the Woman Clothed with the Sun.  I will melt their hearts to conversion.  Through my Immaculate Heart, I will lead them to the Sacred Heart of my Son.”  (October 17, 1990)

As Queen and Mother of all the Americas, my concern for my poor wounded children grows greater in my Immaculate Heart every day.  I want to reach them through my image.”  (April 17, 1991)


4.    Our Lady says that, in the United States of America, her Divine Son Jesus is specially neglected and rejected.

Start my travels in the United States of America where my Divine Son Jesus is so neglected and rejected.”  (August 14, 1990)

My Missionary Image, given to the United States of America, is now journeying across that land.  Here, especially, the distractions turning you away from Your Lady of Guadalupe are many and strong.” (April 28, 1992)


5.    5. Our Lady says our cooperation with her is essential for the achievement of her plan. 

As obedient children, you will serve me by immediate actions based on complete trust in my motherly love and concern for you.  You do your part and I will do mine.  Together, we will overcome all obstacles to my journey.  Stay close to me.”  (October 17, 1990)

You, my children of the Americas, have a very special place in my plans for bringing all to the Sacred Heart of my Son Jesus through my Immaculate Heart.”  (November 19, 1990)

The special purpose I came to fulfill depends so much on your cooperation.  You are a part of my plan.  I knock softly and lovingly at the door of your heart.  Please let me in.”  (April 28, 1992)

Note:  Our Lady also said, “I must be free to meet and turn all hearts in the Americas toward my Divine Son.  I must be free to move among my children at will.  All of you must be my means of release and the means of my movement throughout the Americas.” (August 14, 1990)  To meet Our Lady’s wish and request, Mr. Dan Lynch of Vermont and his colleagues have carried the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to more than 1,000 Catholic parishes and other places like hospitals, schools, and jails in the United States and several other countries including Russia and China in the past 25 years. Millions of people saw the miraculous Image of Our Lady and received enormous graces and witnessed numerous miracles.  However, the personal visits alone cannot reach all of the billions of people in the world.  For this reason, Our Lady gave us another miraculous Image of herself: the Special Photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe on August 15, 1991.  To receive this photograph(s), send a letter to Mary’s Touch By Mail, P.O. Box 1668, Gresham, Oregon 97030.  As this photograph is a true, living Image of Our Lady not made by any humans on earth, we cannot sell it.  We will respond to requests as long as we can.  The distribution of this photograph was approved by His Excellency Archbishop Alexander K. Sample of Portland, OR with his letter to Benedict Lee at the above address on 7/3/2014.           


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