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December 12, 2014


Dear Mr. [name],

Thank you for your letter of December 3, 2014 ordering ten large copies of the Special Photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I am especially happy and grateful for your firm recognition and appreciation of the profound supernatural contents and value of this photograph of Our Lady and for participating in our efforts to make this photograph and its meaning known widely.

As you may already have noticed, propagating this photograph is not easy because most people seem to be unfamiliar with Our Lady of Guadalupe yet and also are not used to encountering and understanding the supernatural realities.  It is sad that many of us are too immersed in the material and secular concerns and are not open to the supernatural facts and commandments.  Nevertheless, the actual fact is that we have been created by God and are invited or called by Him to succeed in reaching and entering the supernatural destination, which is His Eternal Kingdom.

The Aztec Indians in Mexico also encountered the same Image of Our Lady in 1531, but they did not remain indifferent or ignore the miraculous appearances, messages, and signs of the Blessed Mother on Tepeyac Hill known as Guadalupe.  On the contrary, the Indians bravely abandoned their ages-old superstitious idolatries including the evil practice of sacrificing numerous human lives to false gods.  By 1539, only eight years after the Blessed Motherís visit, eight million Indians embraced the Catholic Faith, eventually making Latin America the continent that has the largest number of Catholics in the world. 

The goal of Our Lady of Guadalupe, however, could not end with the conversion of Latin America.  Most of Latin Americans believe that the Blessed Mother of Guadalupe is pregnant with the Baby Jesus.  However, pregnancy cannot be the final goal but is the essential process progressing toward the birth.  The Mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe necessarily continues and expands until the Baby Jesus is born and she defeats Satan with all his evil schemes and actions and opens a new world of Faith, Peace, and Love under her Sonís Light and Reign.  The Special Photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe is her description of what will or should happen in the current end times and also is her call to all of us to help her as her true children and her Sonís faithful servants.  As the images in this photograph are of the supernatural origin, through the hands of Our Lady, the Mother of God the Son, we must receive them with utmost faith and respect and childlike love.  We will be rewarded with abundant grace for spiritual growth and protection against the devilsí attacks.  Thank you so much.  Praying for Godís blessings on you!


Sincerely yours,

Benedict Sang M. Lee
Maryís Touch By Mail,  P.O. Box 1668,  Gresham,  OR  97030
E-Mail:  benoitlabre@frontier.com
Website:  www.marys-touch.com 

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