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(We thank Merciful Love at P.O. Box 24, Fresno, CA  93707 for their permission for our reprinting the following article from their Divine Love, Issue No. 87, 4th Quarter, 1981)
— Mary’s Touch By Mail, Gresham, Oregon


by Stephen Oraze,
former Editor of Divine Love

To a man living near Seattle, Washington, Our Lady gave the following message on August 14, 1990: Together, my dear children, we will end the horrible evil of abortion. I will help you stop all abortions. There will be no exceptions. Together we will bring about a new era of protecting all human life, that is, each person, from conception to natural death. I will put a stop to the present bloody human sacrifice as I did among the pagans after the miracle of my Image began in 1531. (Source: Signs of the Times, November 1991)

"We are certain that as long as you, (the Virgin of Guadalupe), are recognized as Queen and Mother, America and Mexico will be safe."  (Pope Pius XII in his radio address to the Guadalupe shrine, Mexico City, during special ceremonies, October 12, 1945.)

December 12, 1981, marked the 450th Anniversary of the appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, to the humble Indian peasant Juan Diego, near Mexico City, in 1531.  This 450th Anniversary of Our Lady of Guadalupe, coming from Heaven to earth on our Continent, has—or should have—a far greater meaning for the United States than most Americans realize.

Unfortunately today, most Americans and other peoples throughout the world, still believe that Our Lady of Guadalupe is just "the Mexican Madonna," and nothing more.  Many of them have never heard of the story of her appearances; the Miraculous Image she left on Juan Diego's tilma; nor the messages of love and mercy she gave in 1531, not only for the Mexican Indians, but for people everywhere throughout the world.

Your Editor must admit that, although he was taught in good Catholic elementary and high schools, he never really heard of, nor understood much about Our Lady of Guadalupe, until he traveled with the late Monsignor William C. McGrath, accompanying the famous "America's Pilgrim Virgin" statue of Our Lady of Fatima, On its tour throughout the U.S.A.  In 1948, the tour brought us to the Southwest U.S.A.

In Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, we saw and experienced for the first time, the tremendous love and devotion of the Mexican people for the Blessed Virgin Mary.  We saw them by the hundreds—men, women, and even children—crawl along rough sidewalks, up the steps and aisles of the churches, where the "Pilgrim Virgin" was visiting, to offer their prayers and sacrifices for peace to Our Lady; and for their own family or personal intentions.

Many of the Churches visited were named in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and displayed prominently a picture of the famous Miraculous Image.  This was the beginning of our "education" in the history of Guadalupe.  Over the years, we have begun to realize, more and more, the great significances of the Miraculous Image, and particularly the importance of Our Lady's messages of love and mercy to Juan Diego in 1531, for our modern day—which some have called "apocalyptic times."

Make Guadalupe Better Known

In recent years,  particularly during this 450th Anniversary year, the Catholic Press in our country has given more widespread coverage to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  For the most part, however, this coverage has dealt primarily with the story of the appearances of Our Lady, and her role in the lives and culture of the Mexican people.  Not enough importance has been given to the role of Our Lady of Guadalupe as "Empress and Mother of the Americas," nor to her messages of hope and mercy for ALL peoples everywhere, who will trust in her and call upon her intercession.

Pope John Paul II and several of his immediate predecessors, have publicly recognized, and called upon the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, as "Mother of Mercy."  In addition, several prominent members of the U.S. Hierarchy have not only understood this role of Our Lady, but have sought to implore her help for America in these troubled times for our country and the world.

Supposedly Christian Nation

If ever a nation needs to implore God's mercy through Our Lady, it is the U.S.A.  We have strayed far from God's ways in our mad pursuit of materialism, secularism, and lustful pleasures, which can only lead to our eventual destruction.

HOW PAGAN WE HAVE BECOME.  To all outward appearances, we are supposedly a Christian and civilized nation.  However, strip away the veneer and we see that modern America has become, in some respects, more barbaric than the most brutal, ruthless barbarians of old.  We have become cruel, and utterly without mercy, in our Satanic efforts to destroy the lives of the helpless unborn, and to deny God His right to create life.  We out-Herod Herod himself, in our wholesale "slaughter of the innocents" in their mothers' wombs.  There are nearly two million known abortion murders each year in the U.S., and 55 million worldwide. 

We make the most pagan peoples seem like "saints," who would truly "blush with shame" if they could see what is happening in our so-called Christian nation.  Our tolerance for evil is incredible.  In addition to "legalized" abortion murders, such evils as widespread divorce, even among Catholics; immodesty in dress; nudity; profanity; blasphemy; sacrilege; Satanism; homosexuality; contraception; unmarried couples living together in sin; corruption of youth, including ever-increasing child molestation; soul-corrupting pornography in movies, TV and the printed word—all have become accepted as a "normal" part of American life.

Sad to say, there are not too many voices being raised in protest against these monstrous evils, which are destroying the soul of our once great nation.  There is an old saying, attributed to Edmund Burke:  "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing."  Evil seems to be triumphing in America today, because too many good people are doing nothing about the widespread moral decay in our land, hoping it will go away in time, or at least not affect them.

But the terrible evils of our day will affect the lives of all of us, unless something is done to stop them.  Of ourselves, we are not always able to combat these evils very effectively, because Satan is the "mastermind" behind these programs of corruption, designed to destroy souls and nations.

However, we have a powerful intercessor, in this battle against Satan and the forces of evil, in Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Immaculate Conception, and Mother of Mercy, if only we will call upon her help.  When this Virgin Most Powerful appeared to Juan Diego in 1531, Mexico was a pagan nation, offering human sacrifices to the false gods of the sun, moon and stars.  Yet, after Our Lady's appearances, Mexico turned completely away from paganism and converted to Christianity.

Today "pagan America" is "offering human sacrifices"—through abortion murders—to the false gods of materialism, secularism, and illicit and sinful pleasures.  Just as Our Lady brought about the conversion of pagan Mexico in the days of old, she can and will—through the power of Almighty God—bring about the conversion of pagan America today, to Christian principles of living.  She can and will save us from all dangers—spiritual and physical—that are threatening us.

All that is necessary is that enough people of good will turn to this Mother of Mercy, and call upon her help.  She has not, and will never, refuse anyone who trustfully implores her intercession.  The words of "THE MEMORARE" assure us:  "Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone, who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession, was left unaided . . . "

All the Peoples of These Lands

It is our belief that the destinies, not only of Mexico, but of the United States, Canada, and all the countries of Central and South America, are closely connected to the appearances of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico City in 1531; to her Miraculous Image; and to her messages of love and mercy.

When the Mother of God came in 1531, there were no Americans as such; no United States of America, no Canada, no Latin American nations.  Yet, Our Blessed Mother specifically told Juan Diego that her messages were for "ALL the peoples of THESE LANDS, and ALL who call upon me."

If Our Lady of Guadalupe had intended her appearances, Miraculous Image, and messages for Mexico alone, she would have used the words "THIS land."  Instead, she used the words "THESE lands," indicating clearly that she came for all future nations of the Western Hemisphere—"the New World," as it was then called in Europe.

This being the case, we in the U.S. would be wise to study thoroughly the Guadalupe Message, and to draw close to this Virgin Most Powerful—this "Mother of Mercy"—who has promised her help, protection and love to ALL who call upon her.  She has a special interest in our land, which is dedicated to her Immaculate Conception.  In these times of great dangers for souls, families and nations—particularly our own—we should remember with great hope the words of Pope Pius XII:  "We are certain that as long as you, (the Virgin of Guadalupe), are recognized as Queen and Mother, MEXICO AND AMERICA WILL BE SAFE!"

Human Sacrifices

Before Our Lady appeared in Mexico in 1531, the Aztec Indians had built many monuments and temples to their pagan gods.  They worshipped the sun, the moon, the stars, etc. offering human sacrifices to these false gods.  At first, the Spanish missionaries had little success trying to convert the natives to Christianity.

After Our Lady came to Juan Diego and left her miraculous portrait on his tilma, the word swiftly spread throughout the pagan nation.  By picture drawings, the story was told of the Lady whose image blotted out the sun; who wore stars on her cloak; and who stood crushing a serpent under her foot.  The Indians recognized the cross she wore as being the same as those carried by the missionaries.  Her message was explained to them: to follow Christ and become Christian.

So readily did the Aztec Indians accept the message and image of Guadalupe that they quickly turned away from their pagan idols and stopped offering human sacrifices.  Instead, they came by the hundreds and thousands to the Spanish missionaries, to learn more about the cross and Christ.  Within seven years, over eight million had been baptized.  Mexico was no longer a pagan nation but had become a Catholic one, and remains so to this day.  This conversion is the great miracle of Guadalupe; the power of God working through the image of Our Lady.

Pagan America Today

There seems to be a parallel between pagan Mexico of old, and pagan United States of America today.  The Old Testament describes how some of the pagans of old sacrificed their babies to death by fire, hurling them into the mouth of the fiery furnace built to honor their idol Moloch.  One of our subscribers sent us a crude drawing, depicting American mothers, sacrificing their own unborn babies to death, through abortion murders, on the altars of the false gods of lust, greed, illicit pleasure and convenience—the death chambers being the mothers' own wombs.  This in a Christian (?) nation.  How pagan we have become.

What is needed is a rebirth, a re-conversion of pagan America to Christ and His cross; a return to God and His laws.  Who can better lead us back to Christ than Mary, our Mother?  She is our National Patroness, under her title of "Immaculate Conception."  She appeared in Mexico as the Immaculate Conception, describing herself as "she who crushes the serpent."  She came as Mother of all the Americas.

Today, we need this heavenly Mother more than ever, for our nation has gone astray and is in danger of losing its soul.  Through our many transgressions—particularly abortion murders and denial of God—we are asking for just punishments upon ourselves as a nation, and as individuals.  Our Blessed Mother can and will help prevent these just punishments, and will lead us back to God, if we trust in her and call on her intercession.

Our Lady of Guadalupe converted the pagan Indians of Mexico.  She can likewise convert the pagans of our country today, so that they will stop offering the human sacrifices of the helpless unborn through abortion murders.

Let us place the campaign for the protection of the helpless unborn under the maternal care of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas, Mother of Mercy.  Let us implore her to convert the heart of all mothers contemplating abortion murders, and give them the graces and courage to accept the crosses and responsibilities that giving birth and nourishing life entail. 

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