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Message on March 25, 1991


Pray more.  Should this world be left to be destroyed by the violence of the devil, the enemy of the Cross, as Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed despite Abrahamís ardent wish because there were not even ten just people?  Too many children are rejecting my eager pleas made shedding blood and are joining hands with the Red Dragon, enabling him to promote errors and cause moral slackness among people so that they may be led to justify all sins and live in sins.  Thus, the devil is leading people to destroy human dignity with the immorality that corrupts even their consciences and to commit merciless murders through so many abortions.  I implore you again, because I cannot look at or listen to these anymore. 

Accept me warmly with prayers, sacrifices, reparations, consecrated hearts and sufferings.  Thus, wipe away my tears and tears of blood, which I cannot help shedding for you, by letting me live in your life.  By doing so, you will be helping to prepare a worthy place where Jesus, Who will be coming in glory, can reside.

Also, do not forget that, as the birth approaches, pains will intensify.  Because the governments, peoples and societies are resisting the God of Justice, they become surrounded by a huge darkness.  Because they are not opening their doors widely to Christ, Who is coming, various tribulations and agonies are intensifying.

Therefore, all the children of the world!  Become even littler souls and follow me with confidence.  The harder the tribulations become, the closer to my little souls will I stay and become their strength.  When all the children accept me well and practice the messages of my love, the darkness of disorder will be defeated through the light of Godís great mercy.  I hope my urgent pleas will be made known to the ends of the world through you.  

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